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We learned that Mrs. I had already started making plans for W to be observed and tested.

Ms. B had some wonderful, concrete suggestions on how to reward W for good behavior and to make his day easier for him. No more blue keys. No more yellow or orange keys. We agreed that we will bring him to the office in the morning where Ms. B will meet him take him to room 7 for a little bit to play computer games. Then at lunch time he goes with Ms. B again to room 7 to have lunch with her. We did this all for the first time last Thursday, I think. And it worked really well. He was even done with his lunch early and she told him he could play games for a bit, but he said he wanted to join his classmates in the cafeteria.

He went to school pretty well on Friday and today.

We still have a long road ahead of us. Many many meetings and planning sessions and strategies. But we are not alone. We have help and we have hope.

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So things are not going as smoothly as they had been. School is determining his behavior at home AT ALL TIMES. With W is always best for things to go as planned, with no surprises or bumps in the road. But add school to the mix and their has been NO room for bumps of any kind.

He is dreading school. Not playing with Alex. Begging me to wake him up at 6 am so he has more time at home and with me.

Then the day that I have anticipated and dread finally arrived. We walked to school and he physically would not walk down the hill to get in line with his classmates. My toe is still not 100% and although he is small and skinny, he is strong and was very determined not to go to school that day. Was I going to through him over my shoulder and walk down the slippery hill with him flailing  about? Was I going to drag him down the hill screaming and crying?

Someone must have noticed what was happening and his teacher and one of special ed teachers came to help. They tried to reason with him at first. Mrs. T had to attend to the other kids so Ms. B and I were there on the hill trying to calm him down and figure out a plan.

Now really, I am kind of glad that is happened although it was soooo hard, because now they could see what we were dealing with and I knew we would now for sure get the help and attention that we need. Ms. B and I, after more than a half an hour, finally got him into school. I slowly slowly slowly persuaded him to get closer and closer to the building. In the end, they opened the door and pulled him in.

As I walked away, I could still him his shouting “NO!”.

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