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A partial list of why I’m down:

  • Y has truly been living up to his “diagnosis” of “quirky” lately and it has been wearing me down emotionally and mentally. I so so so so hope that school will help, because I so so so so need his “outcome” to be different from his brother’s
  • My toe is still not healed and it has been wearing me down.
  • Because of my toe  and my quirky kid, we have not done all of the fun summer things I had planned.
  • Upon reflection, I decided to postpone starting school. It did not seem like a good idea for EVERYONE in our house to be going to school this fall, especially when three of those people will be in school full time for the first time EVER.  I do believe it is the best decision I can make for my family right now, but I have been notorious for saying I was going to do something and then finding a reason not to do it.
  • My adult child with Asperger’s is still struggling to find a place for himself in this world. And really, I don’t know what I can do to help him, except be there to listen. 

I guess for right now I need to find a book to get lost in and look at the pretty roses that P gave me yesterday. And maybe make some blueberry muffins, even if standing for that long will make my foot swell.

the Beatles, I’m Down

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First, a picture of our pie.

I made the crust and the kids made the filling. It was perfect. Not too sweet and  just enough cornstarch to keep it from being runny. One of our best ever!

We had a great three-day weekend. Saturday was spent baking and at the local water park. Sunday was the Fourth, so it was time for our community picnic, local  water park (again), grilling, and then fireworks. Although during fireworks Y and E were a little more interested in throwing a ball and their glowy necklaces than the actual fireworks. They all really need to stop getting older. NOW!

 Monday we foolishly planned a walk to a couple of neighborhood parks, one of which has fountains you can run around in. As we were getting ready to go, Y said “Oh, I thought we were doing that tomorrow.” And proceeded to get very pouty, but wouldn’t admit he was pouty. All he would say was “I thought we were doing that tomorrow”. It can be very difficult to get him out of a mood like that. But yesterday we just decided to chance it. We plopped him in the wagon and once we were moving he was much better.

 Of course by the time we got to the park all of the equipment was scorchingly hot so we sat in the shade and ate our snacks. Then we stopped at 7-11 for slurpees and ice cream. We started loosing both Y and E about half way to the splash park. So we heeded their wishes and went home. Next time the splash park will be our first stop. 

After about an hour much needed air conditioning and vegging in front of the tv (a marathon of Cake Boss ~ not sure why we chose that. No one really likes it, but everyone watched) I suggested I take I and E to the water park, while Y stayed home to start Super Mario Galaxy 2 again. (He beat Bowser but the special level with more stars is too challenging for him. His new challenge is to see how quickly he can get to the end of the game).

So that is what we did. I swam with I for a while, as E went down all the slides. Then I’s friend showed up and I went to read my book in the sun ~ and proceeded to get sunburned for the first time this year. Ouch. I think I am trying to see how physically uncomfortable I can make myself this summer ~ first my toe (which still bothers) and now a sunburn. Good job, K!

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Every year my kids and I pick black raspberries. (This is what we call them. Is there such a thing as a “black” raspberry?) from wild  bushes near our house. They ripen just in time for the Fourth of July hence the name of the pie.

We go several times a week for a couple of weeks until we have enough berries, about six to eight cups. Various configurations of kids do this with me.  Sometimes the kids go by themselves. A went with us once, but was too bothered by the thorns and the bugs and the patience needed to collect enough berries. Y doesn’t like to go either. My most enthusiastic pickers have been I and R.

This year it has just been me, I and E picking berries. And I think that I’s heart wasn’t really in it this year.

E and I went this morning. Things were good for about five minutes. Then she started saying she wasn’t a very good berry picker, cause she is “wimpy” (her word, not mine) about the thorns. And then a couple of friends and her sister showed up, headed to the park with a soccer ball.

scratches, welts and stains from berry picking

So. I picked berries for our Fourth of July black raspberry pie this morning. I’ll post a picture of the pie next week. Maybe I’ll try to post the recipe too. It is a Frankenstein’s monster kind of recipe though. The filling part is from one cook book, the crust is from another, but it is delicious and  I can’t wait to eat it!

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You have to be ten to go to the pool in our community alone. It is part of our Home Owners Association, very close to our house. In the twenty-three years that I have been a parent, this is the first summer that I haven’t had to juggle children who want to go to the pool vs children who do not want to go to the pool.

 I’ll let you guess which of my five children consistently did not want to go to the pool. Yep. A and Y, my aspie and my quirky. And truthfully, as much as I loved swimming as a child, once I was past a certain age, I hated going to the pool. I hated changing, looking for a towel, walking to the pool, thinking about the weather ~ was it warm enough, too windy, was it going to rain. It was just too much… too much something!

But now, the only child I have under ten is Y and he hates the pool (especially this year when he is not allowed in the kiddie pool any longer). At least this pool. He loves the water park in our town. But not for swimming. He loves the bucket that dumps gallons of water on his head. Thankfully I also I, my sixteen year old daughter, who loves Y with a passion and does not mind watching him for a couple of hours.

So the other day, E and I were able to go to the pool together. And it was so nice. I only had to be responsible for finding MY pass and MY towel. I didn’t have to deal with Y’s pouting or bribe him with candy from the vending machine.  Y would always want to leave before E, leading to the dilemma of what child to please/disappoint. Of course, Y’s displeasure is so much more difficult to deal with than E’s, Y usually got his way. (Not always. I try to balance it. But it is difficult. And sadly,E understands my dilemma.)

At the pool with E. We swam – well, as much as I am able to right now. My toe is still bothering me, so I can’t really kick with my left foot. We talked, we lay in the sun and we had candy from the vending machine. Then all of her friends showed up, but we had a good time while it lasted.

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