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Wednesday has so far been good. I can’t even think of ONE bump we had this morning. Not a one. Excuse me while I knock on some wood <knock, knock>.

A pleasant morning was had by all. 

Two more smiley faces on his calendar for the week and he gets to see the new owl movie on Friday.

I’ve got some thoughts swirling around my brain. I think I will shoot for a Friday post trying to corral them all.

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My alarm went off at 6:20 am. I give myself ten minutes before I get up to snuggle with P. This was a rare morning that W wasn’t in our bed. He had slept the whole night through in his bed.

At 6:30 exactly, W came stumbling out of his room, asking what time it was. I told him and asked him if he wanted to go downstairs and watch tv or snuggle in bed for a while. He chose snuggling over tv and promptly went back to sleep.

The rest of the morning went just as smoothly until about 7:45 when I noticed him curled up in a ball on the couch. I asked him to tell me what was wrong. At first he said “nothing”, but then admitted that his missing library book was bothering him and he’s was afraid he would lose a blue key. ( This library book business is bothering me. I know this particular Dr. Seuss book never came home with him.)
I reassured him that Mrs. T and I had talked about the book and that he is not to worry about it at all. We adults will
solve the problem. It was like a physical weight had been lifted from him when I said that.

The next slight blip came at the door as we were leaving – he said – without me having to prompt him, “I’m afraid I will lose a blue key” I reassured him that we all agreed –  his teachers, us and even the principal, that he does not need to be concerned about keys at all. They don’t matter any more.

And then we proceeded to have one of the quickest, most lighthearted walks to school yet. We talked about Halloween and what kind of container you would need to hold all of your candy if you went to every house in our village. We finally decided you would need a spaceship, carrying a jumbo jet, carrying a regular jet, carrying a big truck, carrying a plastic pumpkin filled with candy.

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