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We learned that Mrs. I had already started making plans for W to be observed and tested.

Ms. B had some wonderful, concrete suggestions on how to reward W for good behavior and to make his day easier for him. No more blue keys. No more yellow or orange keys. We agreed that we will bring him to the office in the morning where Ms. B will meet him take him to room 7 for a little bit to play computer games. Then at lunch time he goes with Ms. B again to room 7 to have lunch with her. We did this all for the first time last Thursday, I think. And it worked really well. He was even done with his lunch early and she told him he could play games for a bit, but he said he wanted to join his classmates in the cafeteria.

He went to school pretty well on Friday and today.

We still have a long road ahead of us. Many many meetings and planning sessions and strategies. But we are not alone. We have help and we have hope.

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