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good again

W is having a good week. The mornings have been smooth. The evenings have had only a few conflicts, but about sharing the tv, not school. I think we will get through tomorrow with another smiley face on his chart.

And then we have to make it through the weekend. Weekends bring a lot of change and change is not something that W or I handle particularly well. So P and I HAVE to sit down on Friday night or Saturday morning to plan the weekend, manage expectations and not overwhelm ourselves with activities and being out of the house too much. Which is hard to do. But we are realizing more and more that it is vital and necessary or none of us the patience or energy to get through our hectic weekdays.

W has decided he would rather see his “treat for going to school without conflict” movie on Saturday or Sunday, instead of tomorrow. Tomorrow is Generator Rex and Star Wars Clone Wars. F has her homecoming dance on Saturday (for which she still does not have a dress! She hates shopping. She hates dresses. Hence, she has no dress for the dance that is two days away). T will likely come up with some surprise activity she wants to be involved in. And P and I must, must, must find a few hours to spend together.

All in all it has been a good, happy week.

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