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Things were good again with W this morning. He was a little miffed that I didn’t wake him up at 6 am, again. But I told him I will do it no matter what next Tuesday, even if I have to drag him out of bed and carry him down the stairs and plop him on the couch.

I made pancakes this morning. I think they were appreciated by everyone. T was/is a little sad.  I think there are things about school that are bothering her, some I can figure out (grades, feeling like she is behind in some areas) but there might be more to the story and so far she is not sharing. I’ll have to keep my eye on her. Socially things are good (although I saw her in the fifth grade line today and she looked upset. She and her best friend were not standing near each other. Maybe a little fight occurred?)

W and Ms. B decided that he would try eating in the lunchroom again today. So that is making me slightly anxious. I hope it goes well and I hope they are open to continue doing lunch how they’ve been doing it all week if it doesn’t. W told me yesterday afternoon that on Monday he wants to be dropped off at his class line instead of going to the office to meet Ms. B. I suggested we make it Tuesday instead. This is also making me slightly anxious, but it is a good sign.

He really has been so much happier, although he does get tired and it all starts to catch up with him by Wednesday, I think. We all need this weekend.

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